The HVAC system is a pretty great invention, providing air conditioning on hot summer days and warm air on chilly winter nights. The thermostat makes it even better, allowing you to conveniently keep your house heated or cooled to your ideal temperature. But what happens if a thermostat turns blank? How can you adjust the heat or air temperature? Here’s a look at some possible reasons why the thermostat screen is blank and what you can do about it.

The batteries are dead

First, double-check that the thermostat is on. If you live with other people, someone else may have turned it off without you noticing. If it is still blank, it could be due to dead batteries.

How to repair it

Replacing batteries is a quick and easy way to find out whether or not batteries are to blame for the blank thermostat display. Most thermostats require AA alkaline, AAA alkaline, or 3V lithium batteries. Many thermostats will warn you when its batteries are getting low by displaying a low battery symbol or occasionally beeping. When you notice this, you’ll need to replace the batteries as soon as possible.

The circuit breaker tripped

Programmable thermostats are typically connected to the main electrical system in your home. Using multiple appliances at once can sometimes cause the circuit breaker to trip. Experiencing a power surge can also cause the breaker to trip. If this happens, it may cut off electricity to a thermostat, causing the screen to go blank. If the home has fuses instead of circuit breakers, the fuse may have blown.

How to repair it

To try to get a thermostat working again, you’ll need to find the breaker box and locate the particular circuit breaker switch associated with your thermostat. Flip the switch back to “on.” If your home has fuses, replace the ones that have blown.

The safety switch tripped

Modern furnaces and air conditioning equipment typically have safety sensors, which can be triggered if an unsafe condition is detected. For example, an overheating furnace or a high volume of water in the air conditioning’s condensation pan can trip the safety switch. When this happens, the power to a thermostat will be cut off.

How to repair it

Check to see if the AC’s condensation pan is full of water. If it is, empty it and check again for power. If this does not solve the issue or if your furnace is too hot, you should consult a professional and have your air conditioning and heat system inspected.

You have wiring problems

A number of wires are attached to your thermostat, each supporting various functions such as screen display, communication with the HVAC system, and more. If the wires were not attached properly or you have loose connections, they may cause a thermostat to malfunction. Vibrations from high levels of foot traffic as well as bites from pesky rodents can also cause problems for wiring, resulting in a blank thermostat screen.

How to repair it

Since there are electrical wires involved, it can be dangerous to attempt to fix wiring problems on your own. Instead, you’ll need to contact a heat and air professional to come take a look at the issue.

The thermostat needs to be replaced

If none of the previously mentioned fixes resolve your thermostat display issues, it may be a sign that your thermostat has simply reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Thermostats typically last for about 10 years, give or take, depending on which specific model is installed in your home. If yours has reached that age, there may not be anything you can do to repair it.

How to repair it

If your thermostat is old and the screen stays blank, it is likely time to have it replaced. To ensure proper installation of the new thermostat, it’s best to hire a professional heat and AC company to handle the replacement work.

Installations, repairs, and maintenance

In addition to fixing or replacing your thermostat, HVAC professionals can install new systems and perform repairs and other maintenance throughout the heat and air system.

Your trusted HVAC company

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Your thermostat is an important tool in keeping your home comfortable. Not only is a blank thermostat screen annoying, but it also signals that there are likely additional HVAC problems that need attention. If you are unable to identify the problem or know what the problem is but not how to fix it, it’s time to call in heater and air conditioning experts.

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