A properly working air conditioner is crucial to keeping your home a comfortable temperature, especially during the hot summer months. If your AC isn’t working quite right, it may be time to repair or replace it. How do you know which is the right option? There are several factors to consider when deciding whether you should replace or repair your air conditioner.

Signs you need a new HVAC system

There are telltale signs that your HVAC isn’t working correctly. If you notice increasingly high energy bills, your HVAC may not be working as efficiently as it’s supposed to be. If your house is too hot or too cold and you find it difficult to keep it at a comfortable temperature, something may be wrong with your HVAC. Odd noises like grinding, rattling, and squealing may be due to loose parts or other air system issues. Strange smells are also a sign it’s time to have your air system checked out, as these could be caused by mold, melting wiring or other issues.

A properly functioning HVAC also helps control the humidity level in your home, so if your home is more humid than usual, it may be helpful to have a heating and cooling professional check out the system. Seeing more dust and debris than usual is another sign that you may need to repair or replace your air system.

Factors to consider before you repair or replace your unit

When trying to decide whether it’s best to repair your air system or replace it altogether, there are some factors you should consider. For example, how old is the unit? A well-maintained air conditioner should last about 15-20 years. If your AC isn’t working properly and it’s towards the end of that lifespan, it may be best to replace it. If it’s only a few years old, repairing it might be better. Another factor to consider is cost. How much money would a repair require vs. a brand new AC? How often are you having to spend money on repairs? Repairs are typically less expensive than replacement, but if you’re having to constantly pay for repairs, that can quickly add up. Be sure to also consider how well your air system is functioning. Will it work just fine with a simple repair? Will it continue to run less efficiently than a replacement system would run? These are all important things to consider.

When to repair your air conditioner

Having trouble with your existing air conditioner doesn’t necessarily mean you should run out and buy a new one. Sometimes, all it needs is to be repaired. If your air system is less than 10 years old, it’s typically better and more cost-effective to have repair work done rather than have a replacement unit installed. Oftentimes, replacing a specific part will get your system back up and running. If a repair would cost less than half the price of a replacement air conditioner, repair is usually the best route.

Benefits of repairing

Repairing your air conditioning system is typically less expensive than buying and installing something new. Repair work also prevents problems from getting worse and causing more damage, which could require more extensive – and more costly – repairs in the future. Getting regular maintenance and ensuring any problems are fixed in a timely manner also helps extend the life of your air system.

When to replace your air conditioner

Sometimes, it makes more sense to replace your current air conditioner rather than repair it. If your unit is more than 10 years old, often the better option is to replace it. If your energy bills keep rising, a new AC may be more cost effective as it will work more efficiently than your current AC. Constantly repairing your system can get expensive as well, so if this is the case, it may be time for air conditioning replacement service. If fixing your air conditioner would cost more than half the price of replacing it, replacing it is usually considered the better choice.

Benefits of replacing

When you replace your air conditioning with a newer, more efficient one will give you immediate savings on your energy bills. You shouldn’t have to deal with many repairs and you won’t have to replace it again for about 10+ years. You may also benefit from a warranty on the new air system.

The importance of proper maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures your air conditioning is working correctly. It also provides a great opportunity to address any concerns or issues before they lead to further damage and more expensive repairs.

How often do you need HVAC maintenance?

Don’t wait until summer or winter to find out your air heating or cooling unit doesn’t work right – talk about uncomfortable! Instead, be sure to have your system checked out in the spring and in the fall before harsh weather sets in. If you notice any other issues, call a heating and cooling professional for home maintenance service on your AC unit.

How long should my HVAC last?

An HVAC system typically lasts about 15-20 years, depending on how well maintained it is and how much use it gets.

How much does AC replacement cost?

The price of having your air conditioning replaced depends on a variety of factors, including the air unit’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating, brand, performance, and more. A new air conditioner costs on average about $5,000, but can range from $3,000 to $12,000, give or take. A new HVAC typically costs about $5,000 to $10,000. A heating and cooling specialist can help you determine more specific costs for the air unit based on your home’s needs.

How much does repair work cost?

The price of repair service depends on what needs to be fixed. You may spend a couple hundred dollars to replace the drain pump or pans, for example, but spend over $1,000 to replace the condenser coil. A heating and cooling specialist can provide a more accurate estimate.

Why should you hire an HVAC professional?

An HVAC professional can assess your air system to identify issues and provide solutions. They will discuss your options and help determine whether your system needs to be repaired or replaced. When you hire a professional, you can trust that installation and maintenance are properly performed and your air conditioner or HVAC will run correctly. If you need a new air conditioner, an HVAC professional can help you decide which air unit is right for your home.

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